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Nesting: Artist Profile - Peg Owens

Peg Owens (In the window taking her own photo!) Peg Owens met NestingCards’ founder in the early 2000s in Idaho. The...

Nesting: Artist Profile - Brian Davis

NestingCards asked, and Brian shared: What brought you to your art-form? Antler hunting and being out in the wilder...

Nesting News

Rediscovered Books joins NestingCards Retailers

Rediscovered Books is now selling NestingCards at their 8th Street, Boise, Idaho location. Sets from NestMaker artist...

NestingCards- Unique greetings for quarantine

Entering a full year of quarantine, people are hungry for human connection. NestingCards are available in twenty-two ...
NestingCards Nesting Cards stationery greeting cards

Nesting Cards: The Beginning

Like the nesting-dolls of our childhood, these cards tuck inside of each other for mailing all seven at once. Or, mail them one at a time. Create a treasure hunt - one card at a time. Give encouragement to someone on a trip or at camp - one day (card) at a time. Enclose all seven with a gift-card in the smallest envelope. Gift them. Frame them. Ideas abound.

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NestMakers: Engaging Ideas and People

Meet our NestMakers. The artists selling individual delights and monthly subscriptions are profiled here, as are the custom-makers and designers you can hire to create something unique for you and your home. Share stories about your nesting experiences.  Nesting is solace and community. Be a NestMaker - Build your nest with us.

NestMakers: Meet our Artists and Designers
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