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Greeting Cards

Nesting: Create

Sending a greeting card is your opportunity to create! Each card you send creates a relationship with the person you ...

Nesting: Framed

Greeting cards are sometimes framed by recipients as a reminder of the sender, as a reminder of the message, and as a...

Nesting: Themes for Sending - Part 1

Explore what suits your message, which sets capture your personality, and which themed sets will speak to your recipi...

Nesting: Nature, Dolls, & Cards

Nesting is spoken of as the series of actions taken while preparing for the birth of human children.  The cleaning, r...

Nesting: Envelopes

About the NestingCards envelopes: Founder Jana Kemp spent two years hand-folding envelopes to test the sizes that wou...

NestingCards- Unique greetings for quarantine

Entering a full year of quarantine, people are hungry for human connection. NestingCards are available in twenty-two ...

Nesting: Greeting Cards

For all of us, most greeting card exchanges are tied to birthdays and holidays. Why not add “send a card to someone o...

Beth Suter Joins NestingCards

Beth Suter joins NestingCards with her watercolor series that includes inspiring quotes on the back of each card. B...
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