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Nesting: Contemplation

Next time you find yourself contemplating a person, place, or object of joy – ask yourself: Whom could I reach out to...

Nesting: How To

NestingCards® can be sent one at a time – one stamp per card/envelope. Seven messages to seven people. One message a ...

Nesting: Retooling

This year, the Nesting blog is retooling at the recommendation of our customers and team to fine-focus on what our co...

Nesting: Frames

In my office: A framed custom license plate reminds me of a two-year endeavor to affect change in my state. The Engli...

Nesting: Greeting Cards

For all of us, most greeting card exchanges are tied to birthdays and holidays. Why not add “send a card to someone o...

Nesting: Photos, Paintings, Memories

Memories are stored in our hearts and our heads. Memories can be prompted by sights, sounds, smells, photographs, and...
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