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Nesting: Seen It

Sharing ideas we've "seen elsewhere" communicates how much people think about writing letters, sending cards, and mai...

Nesting: Thinking of Someone Else

Volunteerism is said to lift the spirits of the person volunteering, as well as the project and people being supporte...

Nesting: Write On

Spend five minutes or more and you may feel yourself gaining happiness because of writing a card or note to a friend,...

Nesting: Just Write

Thinking of someone near and dear? Just write a hello note. Share a story from your week. Remember a shared laugh, jo...

Nesting: Pen

Back to pen as an instrument for writing messages and paper as the message holder. Paper is just one holder of messag...

Nesting: Notes

Notes can mean many things. Musical notes. Margin notes in a book. Liner notes are found with musical albums/cds to d...
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