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Nesting: Connection

Connection with our kids is texting. Connection with our workmates is online meeting platforms. Connection with our parents might be texting or FaceTime calls, more likely it is sending a good, old-fashioned letter.

I know, so “last century” and yet letter writing, pen pals, and annual holiday greetings are still paper/card driven experiences.

To my clients this year, I sent cards with my handmade gift-tags that said inside: “Thank you for the gift of working together. May you have blessed holidays, despite the challenges of 2020.” I added personalized notes and my signature.

For my annual holiday card list, I am sending cards with my handmade gift-tags and personalized notes. I also sent some families photo-cards from their Christmas-letters past. How much FUN to see the kids grow up year over year, family across family! How much gratitude I hold for having friends whose children I got to see/hear about year-after-year!

In 2019, it is reported that 1.17 billion holiday cards were sent through USPS. WOW, what connections!

Mailed cards are warmly received and often become mementos and keepsakes for the recipients – especially when they are quarantined in senior living environments. A beautiful card, a kind word, and a thoughtful message can bring cheer to individuals feeling isolated, alone.

Envelopes themselves can bring good cheer as well. Return address labels fit all sender personalities these days. Postage stamps are seasonal, picturesque, funny, and inspiring. Some have even said “stamps are envelope art.”                

Card art, pop-up cards, photo-cards, NestingCards® and post-cards carry messages of “I am thinking of you” or “I love you” or “Tell me more about you and how you are doing.” Birthday, holiday, anniversary, retirement, special occasion, graduation, sympathy, and encouragement are all causes for sending a card through the mail.

In a world full of texting, who on your list would enjoy a mailed card more? During this time of isolation, who on your list needs a mailed-card pick-me-up?

Stay connected! Mail a card, or seven (one for each day of the week), once in a while. Recipients will thank you, heart and soul, thank you.

Photo note: Whimsical Impressions by Peg Owens for                                                        NestingCards®

Nesting (the blog and NestingCards® the product line) is about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive. Enjoy the NestingCards series of blogs on your search for and creation of a deep sense of home. Also, enjoy browsing for fun, for gifts, and for joy-spreading possibilities. ~ Jana

NestingCards® is a registered Trademark, United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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