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Nesting: Create

Create. To make something from scratch. To make something with found objects. To make anything. Some people say that the time spent creating is the most rewarding part of their week.

Writing letters is one form of creation and being creative. Consider the many books that have been compiled from the letters of famous people, authors, and officeholders.

Letters convey stories, memories, and emotions. Letters share congratulations and celebrations. Whether your writing/printing is challenging to read or as beautiful as ever, the act of letter writing is an act of creating.

Clear a space on a table, at a breakfast bar, on a portable table, at a camp table, on a coffee table, or at a desk. Create space for your project – temporary space works.

Bring out your favorite pens, markers, or pencils and begin the creative writing and drawing experience. Start with a blank page. Start with a pre-printed card. Or, start with a blank card such as NestingCards which provide an inspiring cover image (painting, photo, artwork).

Written notes and cards become keepsakes because they can be revisited, reread, held, and posted in sight in a home or office. Taking time to create personalized messages conveys the depth of your care, the breadth of your interest in the receiver, and the joys you wish to share. Sending a card creates a moment of pause, of offered support, and of shared friendship.

Slow and savored has become a trend in food and beverage service. How about in our card sending too? Slow to be received in the mail, long to be kept in hand. Slowly and thoughtfully created, quickly appreciated.

Whether sending one card, a series of cards, a card within a card for the receiver to send you a card back, or cards nested one inside another, a handwritten message conveys your care, support and friendship in keepsake ways! Whom can you write today?

Photo note: Floral Impressions by Peg Owens for NestingCards® brings good cheer any time of year.

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards - YouTube

Nesting shares ideas for using NestingCards® and tips for creating keepsake memories on these cards which are printed with original images and paintings on fine papers. The written word shares joy, creates memories, and can envelope a sense of home! Enjoy browsing and shopping for fun, for gifts, and for joy-spreading possibilities.

NestingCards® is a registered Trademark, United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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