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    NestingCards are seven cards and seven envelopes sized to fit inside of each other. They can be mailed alone or nested inside each other. NestMaker artists are talented team members who have joined NestingCards to provide seven or more images that comprise the following card sets.

    With 18 sets to choose from and two more being released in the months ahead, NestingCards has a card for every reason or occasion that you'd like to send a letter, note, invitation, celebration, or just-because hello.

    NestingCards can now be ordered on a single order page. Email us for the pdf order form. email:

    Or, you may order multiple sets right here on 

NestingCards Set /Use ideas                          Artist/Year 

Abstracts / Any Occasion                            Miriam Woito/2019 

Animal Babies / Baby Showers; Birthdays  Becky Amble/2019 

Barn Impressions / Any Occasion               Peg Owens/2019   

Contemplation / Sympathy; Encouragement Peg Owens/2019

Earth Rotations / Encouragement; Any       Peg Owens/2019  

Fall Unfurled / Any Occasion; Sympathy     Peg Owens/2019  

Floral Impressions / Any Occasion             Peg Owens/2019 

French Quarter Impressions / For Fun!     Peg Owens/2019 

Idaho Gems / Any Occasion                        Peg Owens/2019

Idaho Mountain Impressions/Any Occasion Peg Owens/2019

Idaho Waterway Impressions/Any            Peg Owens/2019

Idaho Wildflower Impressions/Any           Peg Owens/2019

Mountain Miniatures / Any Occasion         Lorelle Rau/2019   

Notre Dame – Before the Fire /Sympathy  Peg Owens/2019

Road Trip! /Encouragement; Sympathy; Any  Peg Owens/2019

Seasons / Any Occasion                              Peg Owens/2019 

Sunbursts / Any Occasion; Encouragement   Peg Owens/2019

Tropical Impressions / Any Occasion;       Peg Owens/2019  

Whimsical Impressions / For Fun!            Peg Owens/2019 


Original Watercolors / Any; Inspiration      Beth Suter/2020

From the Crow’s Nest / Any Occasion     Jeri Rutherford/2020


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