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Our Story


Our Story


NestingCards(R)  was born because our fournder couldn’t find unique ways to share messages of inspiration, and special notes of wisdom. She wanted the words themselves to feel like a gift and keepsake. So she started bundling cards, revealing new notes of milestones and shared memories. Best of all, recipients of nested cards found joy with each additional card. Each nested card became a keepsake set.  

NestingCards has the mission of: Spreading joy and contentment through handmade messages and gifts nested in each artist's integrity and passion.

NestingCards includes artists discovered by founder Jana. Our artists are award-winning; have appeared on television; shown in galleries from coast to coast; and are a pleasure to work with every step of the way. "Diva" is not allowed onto the team. The NestMakers artists are team players, collaborators, and continuous learners who refine their skills day-over-day.

Jana began gifting nested cards in the early 2000s. Recipients were so delighted with their card nests that was born to showcase the cards and the works of designers, master-crafts-people, custom-makers, and artists across a multitude of mediums. See the Engagement with NestMakers page to learn more. And visit our video channel!

NestingCards supports: Our founder's passion for creating a sense of home, for built environments (see her book Building Community in Buildings), and for the preservation of buildings led to selection of a national non-profit that saves historic buildings: NestingCards supports the preservation of built spaces by annually donating 10% of profits to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 


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