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Engagement with NestMakers

Meet our NestMakers. The artists selling individual delights and monthly subscriptions are profiled here, as are the custom-makers and designers you can hire to create something unique for you and your home, or to provide plans for a revamp of your rooms and spaces.

Share stories about your nesting experiences. Ask for and share ideas. Nesting is solace and community. Be a NestMaker too - build your nest with us.

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Meet the artists of NestingCards.

  Becky Amble - NestingCards Baby Animals set

Beth Suter   Beth Suter - Original Watercolors and Quotes for NestingCards

   Brian Davis - Nature and Wild Animal Photography for NestingCards 

  John Arenskov - Custom Wood Furniture

  Kearney Thompson - up and coming photographer. NestingCards California Cars set.

  Lorelle Rau - NestingCards: Mini-mountains. Paper-crafted images and art consulting.

  Miriam Woito - Original fine art for NestingCards our first set and advisory council member.

  Peg Owens - Photography for NestingCards, multiple sets.


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