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Look how people are nesting. Share your nesting stories too.

"Emmett Flower Co. is happy to carry four sets of the NestingCards by Peg Owens. Come to 124 Main Street, Emmett, Idaho for a visit." ~ Amy, store owner

"I used a NestingCards set to create a treasure hunt that led the birthday boy to a gift card at his favorite boarding shop." - Jake - Idaho

"My helper-egg-collector neighbor's little girl so loved my Nesting egg apron that I order a child-sized one for her too. She LOVES it!" - T.K. - Washington

"The gift tags make me feel confident about wrapping presents! They add flair and joy." - B.D. - Washington

"I have moved my birthday set of nested cards with me for the last eight years. My friends think I'm crazy to keep a paper present from my 18th birthday. I don't. I LOVE this set of cards and the memories!" - A.M. - North Dakota

"The nesting cards I received on my 60th birthday prompted so many wonderful life stories that I journaled them and keep the cards and stories together." - A.A. - Idaho

"The dish scrubs remind me of my grandma and her kitchen. I kept some and gifted some to my siblings. We all have happy memories of grandma's kitchen. Thanks!" - H.S. - Idaho


"Has anyone mailed the full nested set?"

  • Yes, sent it with extra postage. Recipient said it arrived fine.
  • Yes, sent it in a priority mail envelope for protection. Worth it.
  • No. I love the cards so much that I send them one at a time.
  • A partial set of two or three at a time. Receiver loved having more than one card to open and enjoy.


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