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Kearney Thompson

Kearney Thompson

Kearney Thompson is a photographer, designer, prop maker, and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. She works in the film industry and has been awarded various accolades for her writing, photography, art, and films. She has also spoken around the world at various schools and universities, encouraging young adults to pursue creative careers and be entrepreneurs.  

Kearney joins the NestingCards NestMaker team with her car-themed set of cards, which are great for any car-lover in your life. Each card is a celebration of sunshine, cars, and living life large! Here's how Kearney titled the cards: Fabulous Fins, Heartbeat of America, Sights Set on You, Oldsmobiles Are in Early This Year, Red Rider and more!   Can't you feel the fun?

Artist Statement:

"I have a rather unconventional view of the world and love sharing my unique views with others. It gives me great satisfaction to bring attention to creative souls who don't realize they'r creative. Classic Detroit cars are examples of sculpture and design that are a tribute to an era when American cars set the standard for the world. Take another look."  

Artist photos: Dustin Montierth

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