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Wendy Haight Scribner



Wendy Haight Scribner

My passion for sewing started when I was 8 years old. Mom, who was an amazing seamstress and pianist, taught me to sew. When I held a piece of fabric, I knew that I was holding a textile that would grace me with unlimited sewing possibilities. I was fascinated with sewing and quilting.

When I was a little girl, sewing on my mom's machine, I dreamed of three things for my adult life.

  • One - to live in the mountains. DONE! I live in the mountains of southern Idaho.
  • Two - to have a sewing studio where I could sew, design, and store fabric and ideas. DONE! My studio - full of fabric, tools, and ideas - looks out over scenic Garden Valley, Idaho.
  • Three - I wanted to work in the sewing and fashion industry. DONE! Wendy Haight Create produces Possibility Patterns which puts me square in the sewing and fashion industries.

I've sewn professionally, taught modeling, and had a fashion production company, Standing Room Only, through which I produced and choreographed fashion shows with professional and amateur models. I loved it. Later in life I discovered fabric painting - ohhh this was waaaay fun - and just the beginning of my journey into all things DIY.

Life's journeys have taught me so much and have brought me to my new venture: Possibility Patterns. These patterns are designed for beginning sewers. The patterns can be constructed in an hour and the directions are easy to understand. The patterns are hand drawn and not created on a computer. The first two patterns are the 1-4-U Jacket and the Petal Apron. I've had a blast making the samples you see in the photos below. Using crazy fabrics and thinking of the unlimited possibilities keeps my creativity fueled.

I'm also the President and owner of RESUPPLY International Inc. RESUPPLY creates products for the builder and real estate industry. My husband and I invented a product for which we were granted a patent. I still invent products for RESUPPLY too. I guess you could say that "design is in my DNA."

Artist Statement

Whether I'm working with fabric or plastic, I've learned that possibilities are everywhere! I want others to experience a passion for sewing and to see possibilities in everything they do. Finally, I want others to be blessed with success in sewing and all things DIY.



 "A sewing room in the mountains!"


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