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Beaded Glass Bracelet: Red Orange Ombre

Product image 1Beaded Glass Bracelet: Red Orange Ombre
Product image 2Beaded Glass Bracelet: Red Orange Ombre

Regular price $27.50

Glass bead bracelets capture light in abundantly joyful rays of color.  The red, orange, and yellow glass beads are strung with elastic thread and are easy to put on.   Every time our founder Jana wear’s her Andra Jade necklaces, she gets compliments.

From a collection of glass beads gathered over the course of 30 years, Andra Jade creates jewelry that is beautiful and heartwarming. The combinations of beads are inspired as well as providing inspiration. And fun!  Celebrating design and unique combinations to bring joy and beauty into our days... Something we all can appreciate.

Size: Medium

Three bracelets of this style are available.

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