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Gift Tags: Corporate Thank You

Regular price $24.95

Thank You gift tags for service providers, vendors, medical offices and more. Deliver these joy-filled thank-you's any time of year. At $24.95, they fall below most thresholds for giving gifts in the business arena. 

Handmade gift tags bring delight to gift recipients. Ready for use, these tags add joy to the wrapping process. Some recipients re-use the tags as bookmarks. Others place the mini-art tag on a bulletin board, refrigerator, or desk top as a reminder of the gift-giver and the gift received. Each tag is individually made so variations exist.

A decorative holder with 40 assorted all-occassion handcrafted gift tags; and a Thank You message card for you to personalize.  Your purchase includes a basket and a Thank You note that tucks into the basket holding the tags.

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