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Placecards: Colorful Array for any occasion

Product image 1Placecards: Colorful Array for any occasion
Product image 2Placecards: Colorful Array for any occasion

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Placecards are typically used to note where meal attendees are to be seated.  Placecards are great for formal parties as well as informal parties at which people are meeting for the first time.

Placecards are a fun way to break the ice when learning people's names. You can keep the cards for a future party, or let people take them home to cherish the party memory. 

Placecards can also be used to label foods at a buffet: gluten free; has nuts; Vegan; Vegetarian; has cheese; and so on. Or you can state what each food item is: Spinach dip; Hummus; Huckleberries; and so on.

Often found at weddings, placecards are now for everyday use too. Image design by NestingCard artist Miriam Woito.

24 ready-to-use placecards and a marker.

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